Thursday, October 29, 2015

A bunch of new cases purchased! (For Samsung Galaxy S6)

Received newly purchased phone cases from Amazon! (Spigen and Ringke cases)
Wanted to show them off... will have some closer look at these soon. 

Here is the list :
- Spigen Ultra Hybrid (Crystal Clear)
- Spigen Ultra Hybrid (Space Crystal)
- Spigen Liquid Air (Liquid Crystal)
- Ringke Flex (Crystal View)
(fancy names...)

For now, some snapshots available (taken with Galaxy S6):

all packages were opened prior to taking these snapshots... very professional
and one case was taken out and is on my phone (third one from the left is empty)
some random shot

If you haven't noticed, these cases are more for looks than protection. I like these slim-type cases because I prefer:
1. easy handling,
2. light-weight,
3. and nice looking cases!

Like who doesn't want to show off their beautiful looking phones?

Sure, a normal phone(not you, Nokia) is not likely to survive a few metre drop to the concrete floor with these types of cases on, but the thing about me is that I baby these gadgets! 
People around me are disgusted when they see me putting a piece of cloth before I place my phone on top of any hard surfaces (and yes, I'm not proud of this).

That’s enough about me.
In the upcoming posts, I will talk in details about each cases.

And don't worry, I will not be talking about all unnecessary and uninteresting information like specs and such which could easily be found on Google!

And yes, my posts will be fun to read (and informative!), so please stay tuned.

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